Los Santos County Roleplay

This is a great opportunity to join a server if you aren't in one currently. With multiple departments there is something for everyone. More info here:
Welcome to Los Santos County Roleplay!
LSCRP is a really exciting and outstanding FiveM community with friendly members and a great development team!

Look no further, Los Santos County Roleplay Server is the place for you!
With exciting features not seen by many Public FiveM servers such as:
• Public LEO departments, meaning you can become a COP without needing to apply with great vehicles and EUP!
• DOT, you can become a DOT worker and work on vehicles or recover them.
• Public FD/EMS, you can become a Medic or Firefighter without needing approval with great vehicles and EUP!
• Civilian ~ The lifeline of our community, the important people in any Roleplay situation.
• Whitelisted Sub departments such as K9 and SWAT/SRT.

With a fully functioning CAD, tickets, arrests, warrants and further Roleplay.

Discord: https://discord.gg/lscrpfivem