Whiskey Roleplay

Welcome To Whiskey Roleplay!

Whiskey Roleplay is a FiveM community that has been around for a year and just recently switched from Vmenu to ESX. We have spent this past year building relationships and partnerships with many dev's in the community as well as having them playing in the server and making things just for the server. We make sure to keep a fun and safe environment for everyone to Rp and build their characters story. After tearing down the Vmenu server and starting fresh we have gained over 250 members and continue to grow. Every Friday in the server we hold events for members to get to know each other, win prizes and just have some fun. If you are a fan of ESX and want to build a character either it be criminal or Emergency services (or both) we hope you will give WhiskeyRP a try.

What We Offer:

• ESX based server with a fully custom framework

• 50k Starting cash

• Custom scripts

• Plenty of housing

• Over 1,000 Custom cars

• Active and experienced department heads

• Serious RP

• Professional and Active Staff

• Whitelisted Emergency Services

• Custom made liveries

• Custom emergency cars

• Controller Friendly

• Mature membership

• Sonoran CAD/MDT system

• Businesses that can be member owned

• Straight forward applications process

• Radar and other advanced tools for LEO’s.

• A Fun Environment for all members

Discord: https://discord.gg/YrxKG6MxNt