Comes with:

  • Baseball Hat
  • Cargo Pants
  • Dress Pants
  • High Vis Vest
  • Laggos LBV (Texture Only)
  • TLS Fleece (Texture Only)
  • Zip Up Lightweight Coat
  • Long Sleeve
  • Long Sleeve (With Tie)
  • Short Sleeve
  • T Shirt
  • Winter Coat

~ Features:
Addon EUP (Means no worrying about replacing other EUP!)
Baseball Hat is Replace (Replaces hat #10)
Black Class A Uniforms
Blue Class A Uniforms
T shirt (Gray Blue and k9)


  • Fivem Ready
  • Male Uniforms
  • Read Me Included
  • Vmenu Numbers Sheet included


  • There is two paid item in the pack laggos lbv and tls fleece these items only come with textures
  • The Badge on the Class A Uniforms Have been Fixed
  • Patch on T Shirt Have been fixed
  • FiveM Only Allows 4 YMT's To Be loaded At Once

~ Images:

{Minty's Terms and Service applies to this package}



Release Date — 11/16/2021

Mr. Anders (For making the patch embordered & Helping make pack addon)
Vyper (for making it addon & some of the logos)
All itmes I used can be located under EUP 9.0+
EUP 9.0+ Can be located here;