Los Santos County Sheriff Livery Pack

~This pack supports:

Ripples Nforce Pack
Ripples Valor Pack
Ripples Legacy Pack
Ripples Liberty 2 Pack
Ripple's RX2700 Pack
Ripple's Code 3 21TR Pack
Ripples Police Responder
Ripples K9 Pack
Ripples SAR
Ripples Motorbike
Rednecks 21 Liberty Pack
Rednecks 21 Valor Pack
Rednecks 21 Police K9 Pack
Fiber Mods 2021 Legacy Pack
Fiber Mods Cessna
TrooperCorentins k9 F150
TrooperCorentins 2021 Police Bronco
TrooperCorentins Police Boston Whaler Montauk
TrooperCorentins Valor pack
TrooperCorentins MBU pack
TrooperCorentins Police S.W.A.T Gurkha
TrooperCorentins 2022 Generic Sports Car
TrooperCorentins 2021 Generic Sports Car
TrooperCorentins Police ATV
TrooperCorentins Police Snowmobile
Medics Cessna
Medics Eurocopter SWAT Helicopter
zacks popo pack

~ Features:
Over 150+ Liveries
Bomb Squad Liveries
Search & Rescue
Marine Unit Liveries
k9 Unit Liveries
MBU Liveries
Heli Liveries
Speed Unit
Recruitment Unit
4K Liveries
some 2k Liveries
Transparent background to be able to change colors
~ Notes:

This Does NOT Come With Cars.

~ Images: https://imgur.com/gallery/kPlc6h7

{Minty's Terms and Service applies to this package}



Release Date — 2/21/2022