Blaine County Sheriff EUP

Laggo's Campaign Hat (texture only)
Baseball Hat
Bomb Squad EUP
Air Unit Jacket
Air Unit Helmet
Air Unit Pants :yes:
TLS Baseball Hat (texture only)
TLS Beanie (texture only)
Class A,B,C
Polo Shirt
MBU Pants
Dress Pant
Cargo Pants
k9 Tactical Jacket
Patrol Tactical Jacket
Winter Coat
Zip Up Jacket 1
Zip Up Jacket 2
Collar insignias (Corporal, Senior Corporal, Sergeant Staff, Sergeant, Master Sergeant)
Arm insignias (Corporal, Senior Corporal, Sergeant Staff, Sergeant, Master Sergeant)
Service Stripes
Supervisor Badge
Non Supervisor Badge
Traffic Vest
Laggo's LBV (texture only)
Code 4 UltimateDutyGear Patrol Vest (texture only)
TLS 5.11 Sling Bag (texture only)
Code 5 JPC (texture only)
Laggos JPC (texture only)
TLS TLS AVS SWAT VESTS (texture only)
TLS AVS VESTS [female & Male ] (texture only)
HANAKO EUP Clothes Pack 0.5 (textures only)

All Paid Assets Come With Read me and links

~ Features:
Addon EUP (Means no worrying about replacing other EUP!)
Male & Female

  • Note: one u have bought the paid asset(s) there's a read me telling u to rename the original ydd to a new name for it to be addon.

~ Description:

Fivem Ready
Male Uniforms
Female Uniforms
Read Me Included

~ More Notes:

There are paid items in the pack
FiveM Only Allows 4 YMT's To Be loaded At Once
I suggest running build 2612 with this pack

~ Images: (more coming soon)
~ Video:

{Minty's Terms and Service applies to this package}

Blaine County Sheriffs EUP — $25


Release Date — 8/14/2022

theebu#9267 (for making it Fully ADDON)
Gilly_Willy_#0832 (For Badges)
OhLiamR#9246 (For Male Service Stripes)
Murdoc#0001 (For Collar Rank Pins)
All itmes I used can be located under EUP 9.0+
EUP 9.0+ Can be located here;